My Services

Birth Doula $1800

Birth doulas provide physical and emotional support to women and their partners during labor.

As your doula, I will care for you throughout your labor and birth with 

my "toolbox" of comfort techniques including: 



Breathing strategies

Hot & cold therapy



Evidence based information

Hypnobabies Doula $1800

Hypnobabies families are unique and have different needs than other natural childbirth methods. It is imperative that we use the same language and techniques during your pregnancy as well as your birthing time to deepen your birthing experience.  As your Hypnobabies Doula I will:

Support techniques and hypno-cues

Use only Hypnobabies language

Reinforce your daily practice

Be a liason between you, your birth team and your midwife/hospital staff

Assist in deepening your hypnosis as you progress through your birthing stages

Work together to create a personal birth plan

Relaxation technique


Natural Comfort Measures $150

This class is all about learning techniques to keep mom comfortable throughout the labor. A "hands on" tool box for home and hospital. ​

Especially important for partners, family or friends who will be attending the birth. 

Birth Ball                                 

 Hot/Cold Therapy            


 Counter Pressure
Breathing Strategies            

Productive Positioning

3 Private Childbirth Prep Sessions $300

 These very personalized sessions include all aspects of traditional prenatal education. Learn how to:  

  • Prepare for birth  
  • The stages of labor  
  • Comfort measures & techniques 
  • Pain management
  • Interventions  
  • Induction of labor 
  • Pushing & Birth 
  • Cesarean birth​
  • Postpartum recovery 
  • Breastfeeding 
  • Newborn care   
  • Transitioning to new family life.​

Approximately 2 hours each

Interventions $150

Know the ins-and-outs of your hospital's policies

Breaking bag of waters

Learn the different pain medication options including:
Nitrous Oxide 

Sterile Water Injections 
pros/cons, timing and side effect

Refresher Course $150

Designed  ​to enhance, reassure and improve upon past birth experience(s) & support and personalize the new birth. Great for new moms, too!

Approximately 2 hours​